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How to preserve your digital memories: Sara Day Thomson gives lecture on ‘Personal Digital Archiving’

Sara Day Thomson gives a lecture on Personal Digital Archiving

As the first in a new lecture series, Sara Day Thomson of the Digital Preservation Coalition has given a public lecture entitled ‘Personal Digital Archiving: Storing, Organising and Protecting Your Digital Content for the Future’. The public talk, co-organised by the Digital Repository of Ireland and the National Archives, Ireland on 26th September, focused on the power of a personal digital archive and the importance of determining a course of action for safeguarding that archive. It prompted us to start thinking about how we manage our digital files and how we may access or share them in the future. 

Sara Day Thomson took to the podium to first discuss the question ‘what is digital archiving?’ before moving on to choosing which files to keep, how to name digital files, and what file formats to use. She shared insights into how to capture web and social media content, followed by useful tips on how to back up files for long-term archiving. The slides from the talk are available online on the DRI Slideshare account, accompanied by an audio recording of the talk.

Natalie Harrower presents the DRI 2019 Early Career Award

After the lecture, DRI Director Natalie Harrower presented the 2019 DRI Early Career Award to the inaugural winner, field archaeologist Jennifer McCarthy, whose winning submission draws significantly on archaeological survey reports in the Transport Infrastructure Ireland Digital Heritage Collection in the DRI. Jennifer’s research on the reinterpretation of a Middle to Late Bronze Age settlement site was written as part of her MA thesis at UCC in 2016-2017.  The competition, which comes with a bursary of €500, was open to early career researchers in the areas of arts, humanities, and social sciences. Watch this space for more about the winning entry, along with information about how to apply for next year’s Award. The DRI would like to thank Dr. Annaleigh Margey, Lecturer in History and Digital Humanities at the Dundalk Institute of Technology, for being the external evaluator on the award panel.

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More photographs from the evening

(Above) Sara Day Thomson of the Digital Preservation Coalition

(Above) Jennifer McCarthy collects the DRI Early Career Research Award onstage from DRI Director Natalie Harrower

(Above): Winner of the DRI Early Career Research Award, Jennifer McCarthy, with DRI Director Natalie Harrower