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New webinar series from the Digital Repository of Ireland now available on DARIAH-Campus

DARIAH-EU and the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) are thrilled to announce that the first thematic collection in a series of webinars from the DRI is now available on the DARIAH-Campus website. The three webinar videos in the series cover practicalities of using digital archives for academic research in three key areas: Historical, Geographical and Archeological, and Social Sciences research.

This thematic collection, taken from the DRI’s recent ‘Using Digital Archives for Academic Research’ webinar series, is the first in what will be a much larger collection of webinar videos from the DRI to be made available via DARIAH-Campus.  This online series showcased the rich research resources contained in digital archival collections that can be used to advance academic research. The series took place in Spring 2021 and was aimed primarily at early career researchers.

'The Digital Repository of Ireland has long been committed to supporting early career researchers, in particular those who want to work with archival materials, and these webinars are part of that commitment. We are delighted that access to these webinars will be widened further by being made available as external learning resources in the DARIAH-Campus discovery framework and hosting platform', says Áine Madden, Communications and Engagement Coordinator at the DRI.

Each of the events in the series was themed around a different academic discipline. The first webinar, ‘Using Digital Archives for Historical Research’, featured Dr Ciarán Wallace, Deputy Director at Beyond 2022: Ireland’s Virtual Record Treasury; Dr Siobhán Doyle, Inventory Assistant at the National Museum of Ireland and winner of DRI’s 2020 Early Career Research Award; and Tara Doyle and Stephanie Rousseau from Dublin City Library and Archive (DCLA).

The second webinar, ‘Using Digital Archives for Geographical and Archaeological Research’ featured presentations from Barbara McCormack, Librarian at the Royal Irish Academy; Rónán Swan, Head of Archaeology and Heritage at Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII); and Jennifer Moore, Editorial Assistant at the Irish Historic Towns Atlas (IHTA).

The third and final webinar in the series, ‘Using Digital Archives for Social Sciences Research’, included Dr David Landy, Director of the Masters in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict in Trinity College Dublin; Dr Elizabeth Kiely from the School of Applied Social Studies in University College Cork (UCC); and Professor Jane Gray from Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI).

'The addition of this first collection of webinars to DARIAH-Campus re-establishes an already strong link between the DRI and DARIAH-EU, and we are delighted that we can promote their work on the DARIAH-Campus platform', says Vicky Garnett, Training and Education Officer at DARIAH-EU.

Check out the webinars on DARIAH-Campus.