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Justin Tonra delivering AFF seminar today at NUI Maynooth


5th Dec 2012

The final AFF Digital Humanities Research Seminar for this semester will be delivered by Dr Justin Tonra, Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, The Moore Institute, NUI Galway on Wednesday 05 December 2012. The title of the seminar is 'Forcing serendipity: computing and literary criticism' and it will be held at the usual time of 3pm in the Seminar Room at An Foras Feasa. All are very welcome to attend.

'Forcing serendipity: computing and literary criticism.'
Literary criticism has often used serendipitous discovery as the basis
from which to make a critical judgment or argument. Do the digital tools
that are now available for text analysis provide a means of generating
such serendipity? Does this circumstance necessitate a re-thinking of
the scope and responsibilities of literary hermeneutics? How does it
influence the relationship of textual part to textual whole, and how
both are interpreted? Ultimately, can computing and literary criticism
complement one another in the task of articulating the meaning in a
text, or are the two practices irreconcilable? This seminar will address
these topics as they arise in a particular study of the roles of
influence and imitation in poetry of the Romantic period.

Justin Tonra is an Irish Research Council CARA Postdoctoral Fellow in
English at NUI Galway. His research interests are in Book History,
Textual Studies, and Nineteenth-Century Literature. Within the Digital
Humanities field, he is interested in encoding literary texts, scholarly
editions for the web, and algorithmic criticism. Justin has previously
held research positions at University College London and the University
of Virginia.

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