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DRI Collection Preparation Training Series: 2. Digitising Your Collection



15th Mar 2016

The second seminar of the DRI Collection Preparation Training course takes place on March 15th, 2016.


Tickets available on Eventbrite here.

Since launching in June 2015, we at the Digital Repository of Ireland have been focusing on expanding and adding to our collections. There are many fascinating collections in institutions all around Ireland that have not yet been digitised, or that have been digitised but are not securely preserved. Many collections are still unarranged, with many potential treasures still undiscovered. We have developed this new set of courses to help those who are looking after collections to prepare their material so that it can be easily ingested into DRI for secure long-term preservation. The course introduces the basic elements of archival arrangement and description, digitisation methods and workflows, the elements of copyright and what collection owners may and may not publish, and an introduction to metadata standards. It is designed to help collection curators to make sense of their material, understand the principles of collection management and, at the end of the course, have the tools in place to prepare their collection for eventual ingest into DRI. (While the course is focused on DRI requirements, the principles explored are interoperable with many open repositories, and the archival skills are useful for both digital and 'analogue' collections).

This course is geared towards collection curators who do not have an archival background and do not have extensive experience with managing collections, but trained archivists and experienced collection curators can find out how their skills apply to the management of collections within the Digital Repository of Ireland.

The course consists of a series of one-hour seminars that will take place over several weeks in 2016. The majority of the first series of sessions will take place in the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, however we aim to repeat the course in locations outside Dublin over time. 

Seminar 2: Digitising Your Collection

The second seminar in the DRI Collection Preparation Series is 'Organising Your Collection', taking place on March 15th, 2016. This one-hour seminar will introduce attendees to the basics of digitising heritage material, efficient workflows and some information on equipment requirements. Although the Digital Repository of Ireland’s digital format requirements will be discussed specifically, the themes explored in this seminar are applicable to both digital and non-digital collections. The seminar will be presented by Tim Keefe, Head of Digital Resources and Imaging Services (DRIS), Trinity College Dublin. The Digital Resources unit is the university department dedicated to the development of digital library resources from the university’s special collections and treasures and the ongoing development of the University’s internally developed Digital Collections repository software infrastructure. Tim also teaches several courses in the Library and Information Studies graduate program at University College Dublin

Prior to this position Tim worked as an imaging scientist at the Eastman Kodak Corporation in the Research and Development Division as a member of the System Concept Centre, an innovation and new technology development think tank. Tim also worked in the Kodak Professional Digital Capture Group supporting the development of innovative new professional digital capture products.

Tim’s academic background includes a Masters of Business Administration from St John Fisher College in Rochester New York in the United States. He has also undertaken graduate studies in Image Science Engineering through the Eastman Kodak sponsored Imaging Science and Technology Development Program, and undergraduate studies in Photography and Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Maine College of Art.

Tickets available on Eventbrite here.

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