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Culture at risk: Digitally preserving the referendum on the 8th Amendment

Friday, September 18, 2020

Join the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) on 18 September 2020 to celebrate Culture Night! The DRI will be hosting a lively webinar exploring the long-term preservation of at-risk culturally significant digital materials for our event 'Culture at risk: Digitally preserving the referendum on the 8th Amendment'.

In 2018, Ireland voted to repeal the eighth amendment to its constitution, paving the way for the legalisation of abortion in certain circumstances. The ‘yes’ vote was the result of a long grassroots campaign in the approach to the referendum. Can you remember the campaign materials that you saw in the months and weeks leading up to the referendum?

  • What part did social media play in this campaign?
  • Why are the materials that were created and circulated online now at dire risk of being lost?
  • What can be done to ensure that they survive in the long term, to be available to researchers and the public in the future?

Join the DRI to explore these questions and more in a lively webinar featuring expert speakers involved with the Wellcome Trust funded DRI project ‘Digital Preservation of Reproductive Health Resources: Archiving the 8th’.

Book for free on Eventbite at the following link