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European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA) 

ALLEA is the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, representing more than 50 academies from over 40 countries in Europe. Since its foundation in 1994, ALLEA has represented its Member Academies on the European stage and seeks to promote science as a global public good.

The activities are aimed at shaping the conditions for science and research, providing the best science advice available for citizens and policymakers, and strengthening the role of science in society. In the spirit of true collaboration and cooperation, ALLEA offers a platform for European academies to work together on topics of mutual interest and for the betterment of the inhabitants of Europe. Solving challenges in an ever more complex world requires comprehensive interdisciplinary and international cooperation from beginning to end.   

DRI Director Dr Natalie Harrower was appointed Chair of the ALLEA E-Humanities Working Group (WG) in March 2016 and has coordinated the WG activities until October 2020.  The group has been working to support and promote e-Humanities, and to contribute to the European Open Science agenda. In April 2020, Dr Harrower joined the ALLEA Open Science Task Force focused on contributing to the development, coordination and implementation of Open Science policies and initiatives with a particular emphasis on issues relevant to the greater European area. DRI Programme Manager Dr Lisa Griffith (2017-2018) and Project Manger Timea Biro (2018-2021) have also contributed to the group activities and outputs.  

Resources and Publications

The ALLEA report 'Sustainable and FAIR Data Sharing in the Humanities' provides key recommendations to make digital data in the humanities findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, in line with the FAIR principles. The document is designed as a practical guide to help scholars, research funders, professionals, and policymakers navigate the shift towards a sustainable data sharing culture:

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