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RDA COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations: 1st release (24 April 2020)

The Research Data Alliance has published the first release of the RDA COVID-19 Working Group Recommendations and Guidelines
RDA COVID-19; recommendations and guidelines, 1st release 24 April 2020

These guidelines incorporate the work of 5 subgroups: Omics, Epidemiology, Clinical, Social Science, and Community, and high level commonalities have been identified at the start of the document.

The working group went from initial concept (as requested by the European Commission) through recruitment of volunteers to first release in 3 weeks, so this is a very early output, and subsequent releases are planned for this week and next. This first release has seen contributions from a 400+ cohort of global experts with expertise across a range of related domains.

In the spirit of the RDA community and its open process, the COVID-19 WG is now inviting feedback from RDA members, as well as the wider community. This feedback will inform the work and will be incorporated into the sub-group discussions, and the next set of writing sprints and releases. Links to comment are included on the release itself.

To learn more about the initiative and join the effort visit


DRI is honoured to be be making direct contributions to this effort. Timea Biro is a moderator for the Community Participation group, which involves readying each weekly release from the group. Natalie Harrower is a Co-Chair of the RDA COVID-19 Working group, a member of the Editorial team, and a member of the Epidemiology sub-WG.