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Launch of Digital File Transfer and Storage Guidelines

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest set of guidelines, First Steps in Digital File Transfer and Storage

As a national digital repository, the DRI is interested in all aspects of data management, including the transfer, storage and preservation of digital files. This guide is geared towards those managing and curating digital collections in universities, libraries, archives, museums, galleries and other institutions. 

This short guide sets out a three-point strategy for ensuring that in the process of digital file transfer, the digital data is managed appropriately, is fully preserved during transfer and continues to be managed and preserved properly throughout the transfer process. It also emphasises the importance of suitable file storage and and of carrying out follow-up preservation processes.

The workflow begins with tips for preparing for data transfer. These include liaising with IT departments, preserving contextual information and identifying potentially sensitive data. The next stage involves selecting an appropriate copying method, making copies of the file directory and monitoring file fixity. After that, files should be validated, access rights be set, backup copies made and (when necessary) secure deletion methods employed.

First Steps in Digital File Transfer and Storage is available for download on our Publications page, where you will also find the recently released Version 2 of our guidelines on preparing Dublin Core metadata for DRI ingest.