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Sandra Collins

Sandra Collins


Digital Repository of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy

BSc (Joint Honours Mathematics & Mathematical Physics), PhD (Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics)
DRI Role


Research Interests
Digital preservation, policy, open access, user engagement, design of research centre funding instruments, network management and radio access network protocols, nonlinear fluid dynamics and shock waves
+353(0) 1 609 0668


Dr Sandra Collins is the Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI). She was appointed to this role in the Royal Irish Academy in 2011. DRI is the Irish national trusted digital repository for humanities and social sciences data. She is also a Funded Investigator in Insight: Ireland's National Data Analytics Research Centre and Co-PI on a large cross-disciplinary Irish Research Council project called Irish Records Linkage (IRL).

She was appointed as Chair of the ALLEA (all European Academies) international E-Humanities Working Group in 2012, she is rapporteur for the Horizon 2020 Expert Advisory Group on 'European Research Infrastructures' and a member of the Horizon 2020 Expert Advisory Group 'Science with and for Society'. She is a member of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) European Steering Forum, the Irish Member State representative at the European Future Internet Forum since 2009, and a member of the National Steering Committee on Open Access Policy. She is one of the Top 38 Irish Technology Women (Technology Voice, Intel), and one of Silicon Republic's Top 100 Women in Technology.

She was previously a scientific programme manager in Science Foundation Ireland, where she had responsibility for a flagship industry-facing research centres programme with total investment over 150M€. She has 10 years experience in the telecommunications industry including Ericsson Research, and a prior appointment as lecturer in DCU School of Mathematics. She received her PhD in 1996 in nonlinear fluid dynamics and holds multiple telecommunications patents.

She is passionate about digital preservation, open data, technology working for society and culture, and opportunities for women in STEM.

Academic Service

  • Chair of the ALLEA (All European Academies) International E-Humanities Working Group
  • Member of the Horizon 2020 Expert Advisory Group on European Research (e-) Infrastructures
  • Member of the RDA (Research Data Alliance) High Level Steering Forum & Organising Committee for RDA3 in 2014
  • Task Leader and National Steering Committee Member for DARIAH (European Digital Infrastructure for Arts & Humanities)
  • Member of the National Steering Committee on Open Access Policy
  • Member of the National Consultation Panel for Cultural Heritage and Global Change
  • Member State representative at the European Future Internet Forum



  • Arrangement and Method Relating to Network Management (WO2008110202)
  • A System and a Method Relating to Network Management (WO2008058570)
  • Arrangement and Method Relating to Routing if IP Traffic (WO2008040392)
  • Data Preservation BSS (US2005237976)
  • Data Preservation SGSN (US2006133315)


Selected Publications

N. Lopes, R. Grant, B. Ó Raghallaigh, E. Ó Carragáin, S. Collins, S. Decker (2013). Linked Logainm: Enhancing Library Metadata using Linked Data of Irish Place Names. Proceedings of the Workshop on Linking and Contextualizing Publications and Datasets (Malta) & accepted for Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), Springer 2014.
N. Harrower, S. Webb, J. Tang, D. Gallagher, E. Kilfeather, S. O’Tuairisg, S. Collins. (2013) Developing the Irish National Trusted Digital Repository for the Humanities and Social Sciences: an interdisciplinary approach. OR2013.

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