Kathryn Cassidy

Software Engineer

Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing

Qualifications BSc (Hons) in Information Technology, PhD in Computer Science DRI Role

Software Engineer

Research Interests eLearning, Adaptive and personalised eLearning systems, grid computing. Contact



Kathryn Cassidy is a software engineer in the TCHPC. She completed a PhD in Adaptive eLearning for Grid Computing in 2012 and has worked on several grid and cloud-related projects for TCD including the EGEE, ICEAGE, EMI and StratusLab FP7 projects. Before joining TCD she worked as a software developer in the financial transactions services industry. 

Kathryn has extensive experience as a software developer and has worked with digital repositories for educational materials as part of the ICEAGE project.

Selected Publications

Boon Low, Kathryn Cassidy, David Fergusson, Malcolm Atkinson, Elizabeth Vander Meer, and Mags McGeever. "Distributed Computing Education, Part 5: Coming to Terms with Intellectual Property Rights". IEEE Distributed Systems Online, 9(12), December 2008.