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The Open Data Society and its Enemies

Friday, September 27, 2013
Royal Irish Academy

1:00pm: As part of DRI's Journalist for a Night event for Discover Research Dublin, Bill Thompson of the BBC will be giving a free lunchtime talk at the Royal Irish Academy, before participating in the evening event (6-8pm).  


The Open Data Society and its Enemies - Bill Thompson from Digital Repository of Ireland on Vimeo.


The Open Data Society and Its Enemies
A lunchtime talk with Bill Thompson, BBC
1:00pm Friday 27th September

Bill Thompson has been a journalist for thirty years, and has played a significant part in the development of today’s Internet and Web through his work with The Guardian, the BBC and a range of arts and cultural institutions. He has always been a strong advocate of open standards, open data and an open Internet, and in this talk he will look at what ‘open’ really means in this context, at how an open society can only be built on open infrastructure, and why there are so many obstacles to opening up data sources, networks and knowledge.

The talk will be grounded in his own experience as a journalist, developer and support of open data, and will explore ways in which open standards for networks, catalogues and digitisation can support collaborative working between cultural institutions, help the digital economy to grow and give us easier access to our archives and collections.

Attendance is free.

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