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Why Join DRI?



DRI Expertise & Collaborative Network

By joining DRI, you can benefit from and contribute to a robust e-infrastructure for data archiving and preservation, as well as a community network for the exchange of ideas, approaches, and best practices. In becoming a member of DRI, you also contribute directly to the sustainability and growth of DRI’s services. DRI advocates on behalf of its members for national and international strategies and policies on data preservation, sharing, and reuse.


DRI Training & Professional Development

DRI places continuing professional development at the core of its training programme and runs a wide range of workshops and symposiums annually. These events are relevant for all levels of expertise across a range of disciplines and institutions. DRI publishes user guidelines, factsheets, and reports which document all aspects of digital curation and preservation and are used nationally and internationally. Members will avail of free places, discounts, or priority booking on all events.


Long Term Digital Preservation

DRI is a Trusted Digital Repository (Core Trust Seal awarded in 2018 and Data Seal of Approval in 2015)  that provides long term digital preservation and access to digital collections. Preservation is more than storage, and DRI offers a range of expertise and technologies to ensure that national and international standards of best practice are met. Trusted Digital Repositories are key to meeting the research data management demands outlined by funding agencies. 


Online Publication of Collections

DRI ensures that our members’ digital collections and data are associated with rich metadata and contextual information, supporting a range of widely adopted metadata standards. DRI has also implemented the IIIF standard, which enables deep zooming and side-by-side viewing of different images. Access to the DRI API allows members to develop bespoke portals to their digital collections and objects, which are deposited and preserved within DRI. DRI grants exemplary access to the general public and specialist audiences to our cultural and social heritage.


Sharing of Collections

DRI hosts collections from a diverse range of members organisations and supports serendipitous discovery and increased reach via associations with similar objects from other members. All published objects are assigned DOIs – unique permanent identifiers which ensure the long-term discovery of the objects. 


Download a summary of benefits: DRI Members' Brochure 


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