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Webinar recording now available: ‘In Her Shoes: Digitally Archiving Feminist Grassroots Movements and Sensitive Research’, Dr Lorraine Grimes

On Monday 8 November, we were joined online for a lunchtime talk by Dr Lorraine Grimes, Postdoctoral Researcher at Maynooth University on the DRI project ‘Digital Preservation of Reproductive Health: Archiving the Eighth’.

This project involves the archiving of personal stories from the In Her Shoes Facebook page. The stories provide an insight into women’s lived experiences and the reality of illegal abortion in Ireland prior to 2019. The stories provide us with details of being refused healthcare, barriers to access, the experiences of travel for healthcare abroad, illegally ordering pills online and the emotional impact of this.

The session:

  • Explored different approaches to archiving sensitive and social media data.
  • Incorporated experience from archiving the In Her Shoes Facebook page, while also drawing on aspects of archiving from similar projects such as the #MeToo archives.
  • Discussed the ‘digital archive’ and ethical challenges to archiving sensitive online data.
  • Asked: what are the protocols when archiving sensitive research, and what should we do differently?

This talk was recorded, and is now available to watch on DRI's Vimeo channel.