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Sprinting to Digital Preservation: Getting to Grips with Digital Recordkeeping

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Local Government Management Agency, Local Government House, 35-39 Ushers Quay, Dublin 8


Organisations now operate in a digital environment and records are created electronically in that environment. But:

  • Do you know how to ensure that the records you create electronically will meet the legal requirements for your organisation?
  • Will you be able to access and store your records in the long term as electronic systems evolve and update? 
  • Are your records stored securely?

Managing electronic records (born-digital records and digitised records) requires collaboration across a range of experiences and expertise and the best approach to electronic recordkeeping is to collaborate. The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is working with the Local Government Archivists and Records Managers Group and the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) on new Electronic Recordkeeping Guidelines. These guidelines will be a practical and useful support for organisations working with electronic records in Ireland, which need the input of a range of experiences in IT, digital services, data protection, legal requirements, records management and archives. Bringing together a collaboration group provides attendees with the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and discover more about the issues of electronic records and the solutions to electronic recordkeeping. 

This event will combine expert speakers and facilitated break-out sessions to collaborate in a 'book sprint' to produce practical Electronic Recordkeeping Guidelines. 


9am                 Registration

9.20 am          Welcome- Joanne Rothwell, Archivist, Waterford City and County Council

9.30am            Digital Recordkeeping – What’s the Problem? What’s the Solution?- William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition

9.50am            Next Steps in Digital Transformation - Digital Preservation? - Dominic Byrne, Digital Strategy and ICT

10.10am          A Case Study in Digital Preservation- Tamara Thornhill, Transport for London

10.30am          Tea Break

11.00               Facilitated Break out Session : 3 Groups

12.30               Lunch

1.15                 Facilitated Break Out Session : 3 Groups 

2.15                 Report Back on Break Out Sessions and Next Steps

Registration    You can register through this booking link: 

Running order and session titles are subject to small changes. 


Registration is open until Wednesday 25 of January 2023.


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