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As part of our research, we periodically release resource lists that may be of use to others in the digital preservation community. We hope that these prove helpful.



Digital Preservation Notes

The Digital Preservation Coalition, of which DRI is a member, has published a series of 'Topical Notes' on Digital Preservation that outline the basics (and not so basics) of various aspects of digital preservation. They are an excellent, accessible read to familiarise yourself with the area.

Digitisation Resources

Undertaking a digitisation project? Looking for best practice guides? We've researched and compiled this list of resources to help get you started.


DRI encourages the use of existing vocabularies in repository metadata. Vocabularies tend to be discipline or domain specific, and as we are a multi-disciplinary repository, we will not be creating a DRI specific vocabulary. Instead, we're providing links to standard vocaubularies for your information.