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Transcribathon: Relive the 19th Century!

Painting of a woman in nineteenth-century dress writing a letter

About EnrichUropeana+ and the Transcribathon Platform

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) and Dublin City Library and Archive (DCLA) are part of a pan-European consortium participating in the European Commission-funded EnrichEuropeana+ project, which aims to enhance the online transcription platform 'Transcribathon' as a service for cultural heritage institutions. This exciting initiative combines citizen science and artificial intelligence to transcribe handwritten documents from the 19th century and make them available to researchers, students, amateur historians, and the public.  The Transcribathon team recently launched an updated version of the Transcribathon platform with new features.

Visit the Transcribathon platform to:

  • Use the improved search functionalities
  • Check out the redesigned Story and Item pages with an improved transcription and enrichment tool  
  • Use the integrated editor for automatic handwritten text recognition results

Join the 19th Century Run! - 15th Dec 2022 to 31 Jan 2023

The Transcribathon team are concluding the year and venturing into 2023 with a new multilingual transcription run called 'Relive the 19th Century'. Visit the event page to choose a document and enter the Run!

Participants will have an opportunity to contribute to citizen science by transcribing handwritten documents from the nineteenth century and making them available to researchers, historians, and members of the public. Participants will find a large number of handwritten documents in various languages that have been selected from the period between the French Revolution to the First World War. The documents range from personal diaries and correspondence to official archival material and scientific papers written by protagonists of the era, some of them famous (composers, writers, scientists, politicians), some of them unknown or even anonymous.

By transcribing, enriching, and annotating these stories, you will be taking part in the 19th Century Run, an international competition with prizes and awards. Visit the event page to start transcribing: