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New DRI Blog on Europeana on collecting stories during COVID-19

With public events in 2020 largely cancelled, public engagement events have been difficult. In a new Europeana blog post, DRI Software Engineer Dr Kathryn Cassidy and Europeana Network Association Members Councillor Killian Downing talk about their experiences collecting Ireland's sport stories during the pandemic. ‘Europeana Sport - Ireland’s Stories’, features stories and memorabilia demonstrating the richness and diversity of sporting history in Ireland. The collection features many different sports – pole vaulting, Gaelic football, surfing, showjumping, the Special Olympics, hockey, kendo, running, football, horse riding, kung fu and tennis. You can explore the rich variety of stories that have been collected so far on the Europeana platform

Read more about the challenges and successes of this online collection campaign on the Europeana blog.