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New Collection from the RESCuE Project Published on DRI

DRI is pleased to announce that Irish Qualitative Data Archive (IQDA) has published a new collection in the Repository - RESCuE: Patterns of Resilience during Socioeconomic Crises among Households in Europe – Ireland.[1]

This RESCuE-Ireland collection was created as part of a cross-national European project that aimed to identify the contexts and practices associated with household resilience to the financial crisis of 2008. The dataset consists of 25 narrative interviews with people living in urban and rural settings in an Irish Midlands district.  Follow-up photo-elicitation and reflexive lifeline interviews with 11 participants are also included, together with their anonymised lifelines and a selection of photographs they contributed to the study. 

Interview participants ranged from older people living alone, to parents of young children, to young adults living in their parental homes.  The collection includes socio-demographic information about the participants, together with a technical report that describes the research methodology in detail.[2]   

IQDA Manager Dr Aileen O'Carroll welcomed the deposit of this collection saying:

 We thank the researchers for depositing this large collection of interviews and photographs. This year has shown us that understanding how communities can be resilient in the face of economic and other stresses is more important than ever. We hope that social science researchers and educators will explore this dataset in depth.

Explore the collection here:



[1] RESCuE was funded by the European Commission under Framework Seven (FP7/2007–2013), grant agreement number 613245. The project was carried out by a consortium of researchers from nine European and neighbour countries: Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

[2] Researchers interested in re-using the data may consult the following article for further information about the lifeline methodology: Gray, J. and Dagg, J., 2019. ‘Using reflexive lifelines in biographical interviews to aid the collection, visualisation and analysis of resilience’, Contemporary Social Science, 14(3–4), pp. 407–422.  Findings from the comparative European study have been published as: Boost, M., Dagg, J. Gray, J. and Promberger, M, 2020. Poverty, Crisis and Resilience. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.