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New Collection: Erasmus Smith Schools Archive Secondary School Plans

1920s plan of Galway Grammar School

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is delighted to announce that we have a new collection from Erasmus Smith Schools Archive. The ‘Erasmus Smith Schools Archive secondary school plans’ collection contains a hundred and ten architectural and site plans for grammar schools funded by the  Erasmus Smith Schools educational charity. 

These plans relate to Erasmus Smith High School, Dublin (operating from 1870-present), Drogheda Grammar School (operating from 1679-1938), 1680–1956; Galway Grammar School (operating from 1678-1958), 1715–1962; Tipperary Grammar School, The Abbey School (operating from c.1676–c.1920), 1760–1939 and Ennis Grammar School (operating from 1777-1891). The plans capture the changing nature of education and design in Ireland from the nineteenth to the twentieth century. 

This is the second collection that Erasmus Smith School’s Archive has preserved with DRI. The first collection contains plans of primary schools that were funded by the Erasmus Smith Schools educational charity and they can be browsed in the Repository. These collections join a growing number of collections that relate to the architectural heritage of Ireland. 

[Image: Galway Grammar School, Digital Repository of Ireland [Distributor], Erasmus Smith Schools Archive [Depositing Institution], ]