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Kilkenny County Library joins DRI!

DRI is glad to announce that Kilkenny County Library have joined us as a member. The library holds a wide range of material on the history, geography, antiquities, archaeology, folklore and culture of Kilkenny City and County.

Executive Librarian at Kilkenny County Council Declan Macauley said: 

"Kilkenny County Library Service has joined DRI as a Member. The Archives contain a wide variety of material from local authority and business collections. The local authority collections include materials from 19th century District Councils and Poor Law Unions across the county as well as Grand Jury Presentments, while the 20th century collections contain materials from Kilkenny County Council and Kilkenny City Corporation. A variety of small business and private collections are also maintained. We are endeavoring to make our collections more accessible through digitization."

Josephine Coyne, County Librarian, said:

"Kilkenny County Library Service look forward to working with the DRI. Membership will allow us to preserve and share our digital collections, which are growing. We also look forward to learning from the experiences of other members."

Also commenting on Kilkenny County Library's joining, DRI Director Natalie Harrower said:

"Kilkenny Country Library is a rich hub for the history of Kilkenny city and county, and already provides a wealth of information online through their Local Studies department. By joining DRI, they will open a number of their collections online to an even wider audience, while also preserving them in digital form for the long term. DRI is excited to welcome Kilkenny Country Library, along with their treasure trove of collections, which includes among other items historic postcards, maps, and land records from the 18th and 19th centuries.”