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Exploring CC Licences Workshop Resources


On Tuesday 5th September, we co-hosted a workshop "Exploring Creative Commons Licences" with Rebecca O'Neill, Project Coordinator with Wikimedia Ireland. Thanks to all our participants in what was a thought-provoking and informative dicussion.

Slides from the event are now available at our Slideshare here.

Resources mentioned during the workshop are linked to below:


Creative Commons Licences

Free Knowledge thanks to Creative Commons Licenses (PDF)
Open Content A Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licences (PDF) supporting documentation to the workshop from WMDE
Freedom of Panorama around the world

Orphan Works Database

Very good brief article summarising issues with the legislation
A blogpost about the initiative

Europeana positions

On clearing rights of out-of-commerce works for online use by cultural heritage organisations
Europeana and libraries on EU copyright reform & 20th century black hole.
The Europeana Copyright Mandate

Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive

The original Commission Proposal that Parliament and Council are now working on (Articles 5 & 7 are relevant)
The opinion of the Internal Market committee that extends Article 5 (see Amendment 52)