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DRI confirms it will assign DOIs to its digital objects

 July 12th, 2013

For Immediate Release

The Digital Repository of Ireland confirms it will assign DOIs to its digital objects in partnership with DataCite at the British Library

The Digital Repository of Ireland has selected DOIs (Digital Objects Identifiers) as persistent identifiers for its repository. DOIs for DRI will be minted with DataCite at the British Library, and assigned to every publicly accessible digital object which the repository holds.

Persistent identifiers are unique, maintainable links to digital objects which provide continuous access to the object, even if it moves servers or moves to the responsibility of a different organisation. This persistence allows researchers and scholars to cite digital objects in their work, and ensures that these citations remain correct and accessible. Persistent identifiers facilitate easy dissemination and reuse of data, allow the use and impact of data to be tracked, and create a structure that recognises and rewards data producers. The provision of DOIs by the DRI will benefit both data depositors and the research community.

DOIs are a well known, widely used persistent identifier system, currently implemented by major international repositories including the UK Data Archive, DANS, ARTstor and the World Health Organisation. By signing up with DataCite, the Digital Repository of Ireland will become the first Irish repository to assign DOIs to its digital objects.

Dr Sandra Collins, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland, welcomed this announcement, adding that “This is an important step for the DRI, and for Ireland. It is one of the key steps for Ireland to open up and share its publicly funded research data, allowing this data to be attributed and cited, giving credit to the researchers that produce discoverable, re-usable data and who takes steps to preserve this data for future use. We are delighted to partner with DataCite to achieve this goal.”

Lee-Ann Coleman, member of the DataCite Board and Head of Science, Technology and Medicine at the British Library stated: “We are pleased to support the Digital Repository of Ireland in their mission to share and preserve publicly funded data. They will be joining a growing cadre of institutions in the UK, and across the world, recognising the importance of being able to discover, access and cite data and we warmly welcome their participation.”

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