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Diving into Digital: Small Steps and Big Returns in Digital Archiving

At the annual Forum des Archivistes Nationaux (FAN), on 1 May 2019, DRI Director Natalie Harrower delivered a keynote address. The FAN is a section of the International Council on Archives (ICA) that is empowered by the ICA Constitution to develop high-level strategic responses to the contemporary challenges of managing archives.

The meeting, hosted by the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, put particular focus on the digital challenges facing National Archives. Dr. Harrower's address was titled 'Diving into Digital: Small Steps and Big Returns in Digital Archiving', and was aimed at demonstrating how collaborations, partnerships, open sharing and pilot projects can ease the transition into digital archiving and digital preservation. 


The event, organised by FAN President and UK National Archivist Jeff James, also saw the launch of the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive (AGDA), a joint venture of the UK and UAE National Archives.

Slides from Dr. Harrower's keynote are here: