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Digitisation Resources

Online Resources for Digitisation Projects

The DRI often responds to questions about digitisation, so to help facilitate the search and retrieval of valuable information and guidance, we have compiled the following selection of resources. There are many resources available, but we have found these particular ones to be written with consideration and integrity.

Please note that the inclusion of a resource in this list does not mean that we endorse its directives; every digitisation project has its own unique considerations and concomitant methodologies. However, we hope that these resources will prove useful in delineating some of the questions to consider when embarking on a digitisation project.


General Overview

Caring for Digital Content: Mapping International Approaches
Results of mapping exercise carried out to identify international exemplars of repositories and organisations working with digital data management.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Preservation Management of Digital Materials: The Handbook

Handbook giving an overview of the issues surrounding digital preservation
Digital Preservation Coalition


Project Planning

Choosing Content Management Technologies
Guide to choosing content management technologies for use in libraries, archives, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Decision Tree for Digitization Projects
Flow chart guiding selection of material for digitisation
Canadian Council of Archives

Digitization Activities: Project Planning and Management Outline
Guidelines for planning a digitisation project
Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (US)

Our Cultural Heritage: A Strategy for Action for Public Libraries
Overview of Irish Library Council Heritage project with bast practice practical guidelines for undertaking a digitisation project
The Library Council (Ireland)

Costing Digital Preservation
Excellent collection of resources to help you cost a digital preservation project (more than just actual digitisation)
Open Planets Foundation Knowledge Base Wiki


File Formats & Minimum Technical Standards

DRI Factsheets: File Formats
Guide to suitable digital file formats for ingest into digital repositories.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Digital File Types
Description of different digital file types (JPEG, TIFF etc)
US National Archives and Records Administration

File Format Conversion
Guidelines for migrating file formats
National Archives UK

Digital Imaging Standards Policies
Imaging standards requirements for scanning, photographic capture, and born digital file creation
Trinity College Library Dublin

Digital Records: Digitised Image Specification
Recommended minimum standards for image capture
National Archives UK


Digitisation: Audio and Audiovisual 

Audio: Digitising Analogue Media
Extensive guidelines on digitisation of audio, workflows, troubleshooting etc.
JISC Digital Media

EBU recommendation: Digitisation of programme material in audio archives
Guidelines for project planning, specifically for digitisation of audio

Film Scanning Considerations
White paper on the digitisation of AV material in the Netherlands Insitute for Sound and Vision, highlighting issues and challenges



Building the Digital Repository of Ireland Infrastructure
A report summarising the architecture of the DRI infrastructure and how it meets the digital preservation and functionality requirements of DRI.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Choosing Content Management Technologies
Guide to help those working in cultural institutions with choosing content management systems suitable for digital content
Digital Repository of Ireland

Digitisation of a Museum Collection
Detailed report on the digitisation of museum objects, including equipment choices and costs
Waterford Museum of Treasures

Metadata, Vocabularies

DRI Batch Metadata Template
A template with Qualified Dublin Core compliant fields. The worksheet allows users to input bulk metadata which can be easily transformed to ingest-ready XML.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Qualified Dublin Core and the Digital Repository of Ireland
Guidelines for anyone using the Qualified Dublin Core metadata guidelines to prepare content for ingest into DRI and other digital repositories.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Dublin Core and the Digital Repository of Ireland
Guidelines for anyone using the Dublin Core metadata guidelines to prepare content for ingest into DRI and other digital repositories.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Metadata Quality Control
A five-point guide to creating good quality metadata for data from libraries and archives.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Putting Things in Order: a Directory of Metadata Schemas and Related Standards
An overview of metadata standards, with links to the main websites for each
JISC Digital Media

Controlling your Language: a Directory of Metadata Vocabularies
An overview of widely used controlled vocabularies and thesauri
JISC Digital Media



DRI Policies
All of DRI's official published policies to date.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Digital Preservation Policy 3rd Edition
Overview of the NLA's digitisation preservation policy
National Library of Australia

Digital Information at Library and Archives Canada: An Overview of Progress and Issues
Overview of LAC's born digital archiving, digitisation and digital preservation policies
Library and Archives Canada

Irish Manuscripts Commission Digitisation Policy
Overview of considerations relating to digitisation and digital preservation
Irish Manuscripts Commission


Collections of Resources

DRI Publications
DRI publications, including guidelines, reports, policies and factsheets covering a broad range of digital archiving requirements.
Digital Repository of Ireland

Resources for digital curators
Data curation resources collected by the DCC since 2004.
Digital Curation Centre (DCC) Centre

Building Digital Collections: Technical Information and Background Papers
Best practices for digitisation, online presentation and access, and digital preservation of historical materials.
Library of Congress

Digitisation Resources
A resource-list of information regarding digitisation standards covering photographs, images, text, moving image and sound, both digitised and born digital.

Project Workbook for the Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive (IVRLA)
Provides useful guidelines regarding digitisation projects from principles to file formats
University College Dublin (UCD)