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DAH Blog: Reflections on the DPC Student Conference

On 22 January 2016, a student from the Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) PhD programme, Orla Egan, attended the Digital Preservation Coalition’s annual Student Conference, facilitated by a scholarship granted by the DAH programme and the Digital Repository of Ireland. The conference title was 'What I Wish I Knew Before I Started' and during the one-day event, invited speakers discussed the types of skills and tools that can come in useful for institutions and individuals developing a digital preservation strategy. Leading figures including Steph Taylor, Senior Consultant at University of London Computer Centre, Matthew Addis, Chief Technology Officer at data archiving company Arkivum, Adrian Brown, author of the handbook 'Practical Digital Preservation' and Helen Hockx-Yu, Director of Global Web Services at Internet Archive, were among the speakers who took part.

In a blog posted on the DAH website, Orla reflects on the conference and its relevance to her experience as a Digital Humanities student. She summarises the talks given by each presenter, discusses the resources and tools currently available and highlights the essential steps of digital preservation that can be taken at any stage. Read the whole blog post here.