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Curious about the Research Data Alliance?

RDA in one word

The Research Data Alliance (RDA), an international network and grassroots organisation for building the social and technical bridges for better data sharing, is quickly becoming embedded as a key organisation in the European, and indeed global, landscape of Open Science, research data management, data sharing, and FAIR data. With over 8,000 individual members from 137 countries, and 100 groups working to solve important data sharing challenges, it can be difficult to navigate for a newcomer. With that in mind, RDA has released a video called 'RDA in one word'. Take a look - it's a quick introduction to a very important organisation in the data-sphere!


For more information on how to get involved (and how to join for free), see:


Adopt an RDA output

After collaborating for anywhere between 12 months to a couple of years, RDA working groups deliver outputs - recommendations for best practice in different domains and areas. When organisations, research groups, university departments and companies working with data in these areas implement these outputs, RDA refers to this as 'adopting an output'. Watch this short video below to learn more about adoption, and how it can improve the way you manage data and collaborate with others.


For more information on RDA recommendations and outputs, see: