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Management Team

Management Team Information

The principal management mechanism of the DRI is the Management Team. The Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the DRI in addition to developing the DRI strategy, coordination, and delivering the project. The Management Team is comprised of the DRI Director (Chair), DRI Principal Investigators and Institutional representatives, with the DRI Programme Manager in RIA providing the secretariat.

The Management Team is responsible for:

  1. Overall project delivery of DRI.
  2. Co-ordination of activities across working group strands ensuring that WP partners work in harmony and to task.
  3. Preparing necessary reporting document for submission to funders, DRI Management Board and RIA Council
  4. Assessment of project risks and opportunities.
  5. Liaison with stakeholders.
  6. Advocacy and networking.
  7. Knowledge transfer and dissemination of project outcomes.
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