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‘Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation’ collection added to Europeana

DRI is delighted to announce that the ‘Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation’ collection has been added to Europeana. The collection is the outcome of a project focusing on creating awareness among younger people about the closed border roads of the past, and the effects this had on border residents and communities. Through a sequence of facilitated workshops, young participants listened to, worked with, and recorded older people who had experienced the closed border. 

These interviews form part of a larger collection of digitally recorded interviews which are linked to recovered photographs and recordings taken at the time of the road closures and newspaper articles that covered the events at that time. This material is available to view via an interactive map on the Border Roads website.

Visit the DRI repository to access the Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation collection, deposited by Monaghan County Council.

You can also keep up with the project by following the ‘Border Roads’ social media: the Facebook page is @borderroadmemories and you can find the Twitter feed at @BorderRoads.

[Image: Interviewers with interviewee. Published by permission of ‘Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation’]