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Blog: The importance of digital dissemination: an archaeological case study

In the latest post on the DRI blog, the winner of our inaugural Early Career Research Award, Jennifer McCarthy, writes about the importance of digital dissemination of source materials for her master's research:

The following article discusses research undertaken as part of a thesis completed in partial fulfilment  of a master’s degree in Archaeological Excavation. The research was supervised by Professor William O’Brien of the Archaeology Department at University College Cork during the academic year 2016–2017. The research focused on the reinterpretation of a Middle to Late Bronze Age settlement site uncovered during site investigation works prior to the construction of the Youghal Bypass, Co. Cork in the early 2000s. Such a task relied exclusively upon uncovering regional trends to support a reinterpretation. Access had to be gained to an extensive archive of previous archaeological excavation reports from comparable large-scale road infrastructural projects, which was made possible during the summer of 2017 by the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) website.

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