Amplifying change
A history of the
Atlantic Philanthropies
on the island of Ireland

Atlantic Philanthropies and Dublin City University

This eight-page-long essay by Dr. Eoin Kinsella is an extract from his book Dublin City University, 1980–2020: Designed to be Different. (2020). Eoin, who is the Assistant Editor with the Royal Irish Academy’s Documents on Irish Foreign Policy project, a graduate of University College Dublin and the author of Leopardstown Park Hospital, 1917–2017: A Home for Wounded Soldiers (2017) and Catholic Survival in Protestant Ireland, 1660–1711 (2018), describes how The Atlantic Philanthropies’ support in the growth and transformation of Dublin City University [DCU], which has benefitted – and will continue to benefit – tens of thousands of students. and The essay was commissioned by the Digital Repository of Ireland for the Atlantic Philanthropies Archive project titled: Amplifying change: A history of The Atlantic Philanthropies on the island of Ireland.
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