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Grant recommendation summary for grantee application G-21673 by Queen’s University of Belfast Foundation


The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland [CFNI] is a local, independent charitable foundation, connecting people who care with causes that matter. CFNI helps communities in need, drives social change and change lives, through impactful grant-making and by delivering innovative programmes. Formerly known as Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust and founded in 1979 with a grant from the government, the Foundation has awarded over £100m to date to groups and organisations across Northern Ireland.

In 2012, Queen’s University of Belfast Foundation was given £15,000,000 for a project titled Queen's University of Belfast's Institute of Health Sciences Centre for Experimental Medicine. With this funding, the foundation was to provide a challenge grant in support of the construction of the Queen’s University of Belfast’s Institute of Health Sciences Centre for Experimental Medicine.

The four-page long document in the layout of a form was produced by staff of The Atlantic Philanthropies. It summarises the application request for the grantee project G-21673 titled Queen's University of Belfast's Institute of Health Sciences Centre for Experimental Medicine by describing the purpose and details of the grant as well as describing the organisation receiving the grant.
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Grant 21673
Queen's University of Belfast Foundation
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