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Grant recommendation rationale for grantee application G-07899 by Cork University Foundation [CUF]


University College Dublin Foundation received funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies for a project called National Discourse, which became known as We the Citizens, a democratic participatory project to ignite citizen involvement in democracy in Ireland. The academic team involved in the independent project includes academics from University College Dublin, Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin, and University College Cork. Involving a national and international scientific advisory bord, We the Citizens tested whether a more participatory form of democracy could work in Ireland at a time when people felt adrift and disconnected from power. In late 2012 the Irish government established the Convention on the Constitution, which followed many of the procedures spearheaded by We the Citizens.

In 1999, Cork University Foundation [CUF] was given €5,711,000 for a project titled Biosciences Institute. With this funding, the foundation was to enable University College Cork [UCC] to draw down matching funds from the Irish government for the construction of a Biosciences Institute under the government's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions.

A twelve-page lone rationale produced by The Atlantic Philanthropies’ staff detailing grantee project G-07899 titled Biosciences Institute. Contents include problems to be addressed, how the proposed grantee would address the problem, reasons for recommending support to the grantee, negatives/risks of the grant, evaluation plans, and previous grants as well as a detailed project description. Some sensitive information has been redacted by Cornell University Library who holds the original records.
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Grant 07899
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