Amplifying change
A history of the
Atlantic Philanthropies
on the island of Ireland

Oral history interview of Noel Kelly


Noel Kelly worked as Education Manager with Northside Partnership, where he developed and managed the Preparing for Life programme before taking up his current role of Director of Educational Welfare Services with Tulsa-Child and Family Services in 2016.

The thirty-four-minute long oral history interview was conducted by the Digital Repository of Ireland as part of The Atlantic Philanthropies archive project (2017-2020) titled Amplifying change: A history of the Atlantic Philanthropies on the island of Ireland in 2018., In this interview, Noel Kelly talks about his work life before The Northside Partnership, an organisation that seeks to improve opportunities for people and communities in northeast Dublin, as a teacher in Darndale. He explains how was made familiar with the issues faced by children and young people. He talks about The Atlantic Philanthropies' support of Northside Partnership and tells about the Preparing for Life Initiative, which aimed at improving the outcomes for children in one of Ireland’s most disadvantaged communities Ireland. Noel details the many partnerships and collaborations involved in Preparing for Life, including researchers at University College Dublin, public health nurses, Gardaí, community representatives, youth workers, and partnerships with sports organisations., and This recording contains the personal views of the participants, they do not reflect the views of the DRI.
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