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Proposal to The Atlantic Philanthropies by North Side Partnership for Preparing For Life-A Plan To Get Children Ready For School


The Northside Partnership is a local company working with local people, representatives from communities, the state, employers, trade unions and elected representatives. The organisation works to improve opportunities for people and communities in north east Dublin to bring about positive changes in their own lives and in their community. People who benefit include people looking for work, students, people starting their own business, children and families, young people, older people, parents and guardians, and childcare providers.

In 2005, North Side Partnership was given € 2,866,000 for a project titled Preparing for Life. With this funding the organisation was to demonstrate the efficacy of a promising model of early intervention for children, pre-natal to five years old, by supporting the implementation of a demonstration programme on the north side of Dublin city.

The thirty-four-page long proposal by North Side Partnership details the request to The Atlantic Philanthropies for the Preparing For Life-A Plan To Get Children Ready For School. Headings include: Introduction, context, the preparing for life group and its efforts, the preparing for life strategy and plan.
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Northside Partnership (Dublin, Ireland)
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