Amplifying change
A history of the
Atlantic Philanthropies
on the island of Ireland

Oral history interview of Debbie Mulhall


Debbie Mulhall is the Community Development Worker at Dolphin House and Park. Debbie is a long-term resident at Dolphin House and works with residents on issues and informs them about the various community activities and services in Dolphin House and Park. She also works on maintenance issues with the maintenance group, supports the Dolphin Design and Transition Group, Dolphin Regeneration Board, and liaises with Dublin City Council.

This thirty-two-minute-long oral history interview was conducted by the Digital Repository of Ireland as part of The Atlantic Philanthropies archive project (2017-2020) titled Amplifying change: A history of the Atlantic Philanthropies on the island of Ireland in 2019, In this interview, Debbie Mulhall gives background to Dolphin House and Park. Debbi was born in 231 Dolphin House in the flat of her grandmother, who had moved here from the tenement flats in Pimlico in the 1950s and has seen the deterioration of the flats first-hand in the 1980s and 1990s. Debbie describes the collapse of the 2009 regeneration program due to the financial collapse of many private and public partnerships in 2008. Debbie describes how the Community Action Programme CAN and the foundation of Rialto Rights and Action group got involved to call on Article 25, the right to adequate housing to better the inadequate living environments in Dolphin House and Park. Debbie explains how Barnardo’s, who was funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies, employed the regeneration worker Rory Hearne, who worked to achieve the right for adequate housing, a human right, of Dolphin’s House residents. Debbie talks about how immense the housing crisis in Dublin has become and the new housing development at Dolphins Park that was erected in 2018., and This recording contains the personal views of the participants, they do not reflect the views of the DRI.
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