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Grant recommendation summary for grantee application G-22501 by Galway University Foundation


Galway University Foundation received funding from Atlantic for several projects such as the centre for Disability Law and Policy [CDLP] at the National University of Ireland, Galway [NUIG]. Research conducted at CDLP is placed at the disposal of the disability community in Ireland and abroad. Specifically, the centre’s work is to conduct high-quality research on a range of disability policy challenges of critical importance to people with disabilities. It also focuses on providing research that will not only point out problems in policy but offer solutions. The centre’s “compass for change” is the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In 2001, Professor Gerard Quinn, formed an informal research unit on disability law and policy at NUIG. The formation of the CDLP coincides with one of the most intensive periods of disability law reform in Ireland as well as internationally.

The five-page long document was produced by the staff of The Atlantic Philanthropies. It summarises the application request for the grantee project G-022501 titled Mainstreaming Programme - Implementation Nationally of a Prevention, Partnership, and Family Support Model by describing the purpose of the grant as well as describing the organisation receiving the grant.
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Grant 22501
Galway University Foundation
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