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Twitter campaign reveals wealth of digital preservation initiatives and successes

Digital Preservation has been a hot news topic over the last couple of weeks, following a BBC interview and Guardian article, where Google VP Vint Cerf warned that we could be entering a 'digital dark age', where all the materials we've created digitally - photos, emails, documents - could be lost to future generations. See Google's Vint Cerf warns of 'digital Dark Age' (BBC, 13 Feb 2015) and Google Boss warns of 'forgotten century' with emails and photos at risk (Guardian, 13 Feb 2015).

While Cerf's statements underline the importance of digital preservation, there was a strong response from the broader digital preservation community: this isn't news; we're hard at work preserving our digital creations, and have been doing so for a long while.

To demonstrate this activity, the Digital Preservation Coalition (of which DRI is a member) launched a one-day Twitter campaign on February 23, 2015, using the hashtag #nodigitaldarkage, encouraging institutions involved in digital preservation to share pictures of their workplaces. The National Archives UK, The British Library, DRI, The UK Data Archive, and many others sent tweets and images.

The University of London Computer Centre followed up the enthusiam by curating a Storify record of the campaign: Digital Dark Age? What Digital Dark Age?

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