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SciDataCon 2016 Deadlines extended to 30th May

An important international data conference taking place in Colorado in September has extended its call for papers to 30 May 2016.

SciDataCon is part of the International Data Week, 11-16 September 2016, convened by ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), the ICSU World Data System and the Research Data Alliance.

The scope of SciDataCon covers scientific, infrastructure and policy matters and the place of data in research endeavour and scholarly communications; the opportunities of the data revolution for the global research enterprise; innovations in data science and data stewardship; and the challenge of developing a sustainable data ecosystem, including the role of education and capacity building. SciDataCon is organised bi-annually by CODATA and the ICSU World Data System.

SciDataCon 2016 “Advancing the Frontiers of Data in Research” seeks to advance the frontiers of data in all areas of research. This means addressing a range of fundamental and urgent issues around the ‘Data Revolution’ and the recent data-related transformations in research.  It will take place on 11-13 September 2016 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA. 

Guidelines for submissions and the application process can be found here.