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New members of DRI Taskforces

DRI are pleased to welcome Ranju Upadhyay Rai and Marie Cullen to our Workflows and Metadata Taskforces respectively. DRI taskforces are an important and essential part of our organisational workflow, and the participation of experts in these taskforces will help to shape best practices in data stewardship and its attendant areas in Ireland.

DRI’s Metadata Taskforce is responsible for our series of Metadata Guidelines publications, and for ensuring the operability of internationally recognised metadata standards in the Repository. Our Workflows Taskforce is responsible for monitoring and developing the technical processes of ingestion of material into the Repository.

Ranju Upadhyay Rai currently works as a Library Programmer in Maynooth University Library. Marie Cullen is Assistant Librarian in the General Collections & Finance department of Maynooth University Library. For more information about Ranju and Marie, go to our DRI Team page