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Linked Data for Libraries

Thursday, November 6, 2014
Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin

Linked Data: is it just a techie buzzword? 
Does it have any relevance to libraries? 
Will it transform library catalogues and cataloguing activities as we know them?

If you have been intrigued by the concept of linked data, but are not sure what it actually is and how, precisely, it relates to libraries in general and cataloguing in particular, this seminar is for you. No prior knowledge is required; the talks from international data and cataloguing experts are designed to appeal to novices and experts alike.


In general, the aims of the seminar are as follows
To contextualise and explain what linked data is
To demonstrate how existing bibliographic data can be converted into linked data
To show how linked data can be integrated into cataloguing workflows

        10.00-10.25    Registration and refreshments
        10.25-10.30    Welcome
        10.30-11.00    Introduction to Linked Data / Christophe Debruyne
        11.00-12.00    Real Linked Data: Publishing and Using it / Owen Stephens
        12.00-13.00    Publishing the British National Bibliography as Linked Open Data / Corine Deliot
        13.00-14.00    Lunch
        14.00-14.45    Irish Records Linkage Project / Dr. Brian Gurrin and Dolores Grant
        14.45-15.45    MARC and BIBFRAME / Tom Meehan
        15.45-16.00    Close of Seminar

To register for the event, visit:     Cost: €30/€20 concession

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