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DRI's partner the Digital Media Centre (DIT) lead the European Project Decipher.

The DECIPHER project team are attending the Museums Association conference in Edinburgh. The team has been busy over the last two months, engaging museum professionals from the National Gallery of Ireland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in initial trials of the project's prototype system.

DECIPHER’s prototype system is now called Storyscope. For those museum professionals who research and tell stories about cultural content, Storyscope provides software tools which can help build more compelling narratives. Stories are used in museums to engage visitors with cultural collections and to facilitate meaningful understanding of museum objects.

Through stories, Storyscope users can explore not just collections of individual objects, but the knowledge structures that connect and give them meaning. A key feature of Storyscope is the creation of Dossiers which allow users to assemble, organise and view their research materials.

You can folllow Storyscope's progress at the Museums Association conference here: