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DRI Collection Preparation Training Series 3. Understanding Copyright for Digital Collections

Friday, April 15, 2016
Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

**This event is now SOLD OUT**

Since launching in June 2015, we at the Digital Repository of Ireland have been focusing on expanding and adding to our collections. There are many fascinating collections in institutions all around Ireland that have not yet been digitised, or that have been digitised but are not securely preserved. Many collections are still unarranged, with many potential treasures still undiscovered. We have developed this new set of courses to help those who are looking after collections to prepare their material so that it can be easily ingested into DRI for secure long-term preservation. The course introduces the basic elements of archival arrangement and description, digitisation methods and workflows, the elements of copyright and what collection owners may and may not publish, and an introduction to metadata standards. It is designed to help collection curators to make sense of their material, understand the principles of collection management and, at the end of the course, have the tools in place to prepare their collection for eventual ingest into DRI. (While the course is focused on DRI requirements, the principles explored are interoperable with many open repositories, and the archival skills are useful for both digital and 'analogue' collections).

This course is geared towards collection curators who do not have an archival background and do not have extensive experience with managing collections, but trained archivists and experienced collection curators can find out how their skills apply to the management of collections within the Digital Repository of Ireland.

The course consists of a series of one-hour seminars that will take place over several weeks in 2016. The majority of the first series of sessions will take place in the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, however we aim to repeat the course in locations outside Dublin over time. 

Seminar 3: Understanding Copyright

The third seminar in the DRI Collection Preparation Series is 'Understanding Copyright', taking place on April 15th, 2016 in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. This one-hour seminar, presented by Clare Lanigan, Education and Outreach Co-ordinator with DRI, will introduce attendees to the basics of copyright law as it relates to collecting and publishing digital heritage material. It will also explore the types of licences that can be employed for publishing material on DRI and other repositories, and the restrictions on publishing certain kinds of material.