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Agustina Martínez García

Agustina Martínez García

Postdoctoral Researcher

An Foras Feasa, Maynooth University NUIM

MEng (Computer Science), MSci (Computer Science: electronic teaching and learning), Ph.D.
DRI Role

Software Engineer

Research Interests
Research archiving, semantic web technologies, data documentation



Agustina Martínez is a software engineer on the DRI project with An Foras Feasa. She completed her PhD at Liverpool John Moores University in which she explored the potential of semantic technologies to enhance qualitative research and developed a self-archiving toolkit for the documentation, archiving and visualisation of qualitative research data. Prior to joining An Foras Feasa, Agustina was a research fellow in the R-Ed.Tech research group (Research in Education Technology), working closely with educational researchers to research and develop technology enhanced learning resources. She is also a member of the International ‘Qualitative Data Exchange’ working group, as part of the DDI Alliance, which aims to develop technological tools for the documentation and exchange of qualitative data. Agustina has also worked as a metadata and technical consultant for the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex, in a ESRC-funded project concerned with the development of a user-friendly browsing tool to provide online access to a range of qualitative data collections.

Selected Publications

Litherland K., Carmichael P., Martínez-García A., Ontology-based e-assessment for accounting: Outcomes of a pilot study and future prospects, Journal of Accounting Education, vol. 31(2), 162-176, doi: 10.1016/j.jaccedu.2013.03.003

Martinez-Garcia, A. and Corti L. 2012. Supporting Student Research with Semantic Technologies and Digital Archives. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, vol. 21(2), 273-288, doi: 10.1080/1475939X.2012.704320

Martinez-Garcia A., Morris S., Tracy F., Tscholl M., Carmichael P. 2012. Case Based Learning, Pedagogical Innovation and Semantic Web Technologies. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, vol. 5(2), 104-116, doi: 10.1109/TLT.2011.34