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DRI Collection Preparation Training Series: 2. Digitising Your Collection

After a successful launch of our new DRI Training Series 'Preparing Your Collection for DRI', we're looking forward to the next seminar 'Digitising Your Collection'. This seminar will take place at 10am on Tuesday 15th March in the Royal Irish Academy and will be presented by Tim Keefe, Head of Digital Resources and Imaging Services (DRIS), Trinity College Dublin. The Digital Resources unit is the university department dedicated to the development of digital library resources from the university’s special collections and treasures and the ongoing development of the University’s internally developed Digital Collections repository software infrastructure. Digitised material form the basis for a wide number of digital collections and The Clarke Stained Glass collection in DRI is a good example of the kind of digitised material available. 

This course will introduce users to basic workflows for digitisating archival materials, discuss basic technologies and digitisation methods, compare formats and provide use cases for digitisation project planning. Although the Digital Repository of Ireland’s digital format requirements will be discussed specifically, the themes explored in this seminar are applicable to both digitised and non-digitised collections.

Tim Keefe has extensive experience in digital imaging and digital capture of archival material. As well as his work in DRIS, he also teaches several courses in the Library and Information Studies graduate program at University College Dublin.

Prior to this position Tim worked as an imaging scientist at the Eastman Kodak Corporation in the Research and Development Division as a member of the System Concept Centre, an innovation and new technology development think tank. Tim also worked in the Kodak Professional Digital Capture Group supporting the development of innovative new professional digital capture products.

Tim’s academic background includes a Masters of Business Administration from St John Fisher College in Rochester New York in the United States. He has also undertaken graduate studies in Image Science Engineering through the Eastman Kodak sponsored Imaging Science and Technology Development Program, and undergraduate studies in Photography and Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Maine College of Art.

For more information and to get tickets, visit our Event page.