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Dr. Sandra Collins and Prof. Rob Kitchin at ESOF2014

Two of DRI's Principal Investigators, our Director Dr. Sandra Collins (based at the Royal Irish Academy) and Professor Rob Kitchin (NUIM) have been invited to speak at the Euroscience Open Forum later this month in Copenhagen (ESOF2014).

The Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) is Europe’s largest, general science meeting that usually draws over 4000 participants. It is held in a European city every two years. ESOF 2014 will be hosted in Copenhagen from June 21-26, 2014.

ESOF is an interdisciplinary, pan-European meeting, held under the auspices of Euroscience, which aims to:

  • Showcase the latest advances in science and technology;
  • Promote a dialogue on the role of science and technology in society and public policy;
  • Stimulate and provoke public interest, excitement and debate about science and technology.


Dr. Collins will be speaking at the panel Big data, big deal: big problem? (see Sandra Collins speaker profile)

Professor Kitchin will be speaking at the panel Urban life - urban form (see Rob Kitchin speaker profile).

For more information, see the conference website, read the latest newsletter, and follow the conference on Twitter at #ESOF2014.