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DPC Trust Event at DRI: update

June 4-5, 2013 at the Royal Irish Academy

This two-day training event, from the APARSEN project in partnership with the Digital Repository of Ireland, will focus on the topic of ‘Trust’ in relation to the preservation of digital objects. Long established as a key issue for those in engaged in digital preservation, this event will aim to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the topic and provide them with practical guidance on how they might manage trust within their own repository.

The first day, presented in a workshop format, will include presentations from the APARSEN project on its work on the audit and certification of repositories, and the capture and maintenance of authenticity and provenance information for digital objects. Presentations will also be made by a number of guest speakers, including staff from the DRI, and will include a discussion of issues surrounding trust for those engaged in data sharing and reuse. Attendees will also be encouraged to actively participate in a panel discussion on the topics covered.

The second day of the event will delve deeper into the issues of certification and authenticity and provenance, providing a half day of practically focused training on each. This training will include detailed presentations of APARSEN work, case studies and practical exercises.