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ALLEA Symposium

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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Digital Repository of Ireland is honoured to be organising ALLEA's Scientific Symposium on the Management of Large Data Corpora, in Berlin on 29th April, 2013. ALLEA, the federation of All European Academies, brings together 52 Academies in more than 40 countries from the Council of Europe region. Drawing on the rich intellectual and historical resources of its member academies, ALLEA's policy work aims to address structural and policy issues facing Europe in science, research, and innovation, and to improve the framework under which science and scholarship can excel.

DRI's Director, Dr. Sandra Collins, was recently appointed Chair of the ALLEA working group on E-Humanities, which provides the focus for this year's Symposium. Panels in the Symposium will be addressing issues such as digital preservation and trusted archives, scholarly work and open access, and research infrastructures. The programme features experts in digital humanities and digital preservation and access from across Europe, and is being opened by Germany's Minister of Education and Research, Professor Johanna Wanka, and the EU's Deputy Director General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Dr. Zoran Stancic.